Cutting Edge Dental Technology in a Modern Dental Practice

Cutting Edge Dental Technology in a Modern Dental Practice

I love the work that I do. Becoming a dentist is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. I love getting to know my patients and helping them stay healthy, and I enjoy the hands-on aspect of dentistry. Ever since I started working in my dad’s drapery business in high school, I knew I wanted a job that allowed me to work with my hands. 

I’ve now worked as a Miami dentist for over 30 years. The dental practice I currently work at is the office where I was once a patient, long before dental school. Over the course of my career, I’ve seen many advances in dental care, especially dental technology. My doctors and team at the Dental Care Group embrace the latest technology at our offices, especially if it allows our patients to have a better experience and superior outcomes. Here are just a few of the ways we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques. 

Prioritize Comfort. If you’ve ever had to have a palatal (roof of your mouth) injection before a dental procedure, you might recall how uncomfortable it can be. Luckily, there’s a piece of equipment out there called the Wand® that makes these injections nearly painless for patients. Before investing in this equipment, I had a new patient come to me and say, “If you can get the Wand®, I’ll stay your patient, but if you can’t, I’ll have to find another dentist who has it.” If that’s not a strong recommendation, then I don’t know what is! After evaluating the Wand®, we invested in the latest technology, and our patients are more at ease knowing their injections will be effortless and more comfortable.  In addition to the Wand®, the doctors and hygienists at our offices “buffer” our anesthetic prior to our numbing our patients. Buffering the anesthetic, reduces the “sting” of the injection providing a significantly more comfortable procedure. The injection is often the part of a patient’s visit that creates the greatest anxiety and we do everything possible to reduce that anxiety. 

Be Clean and Precise. Pressing your teeth into a tray full of goopy impression material is no one’s idea of fun. Taking impressions used to be one of the necessary inconveniences of dental treatment, especially straightening your teeth. It’s vital to have an accurate model of a patient’s teeth when helping them achieve a straighter smile with Invisalign®. Instead of spending our money on material to take physical impressions, our offices invested in several iTero® scanners. This digital scanner replaces impressions by capturing a highly accurate scan of a patient’s smile. In addition, at a patient’s consultation, the iTero can provide a simulation of what a patient’s smile will look like after their Invisalign® treatment is complete.

Better Tech, Better Care. We are willing to spend the money on new technology because we’ve seen the huge impact it has on the care we are able to provide to our patients. Whether it’s a laser that can detect cavities at the earliest stages or a CT scanner that helps our oral surgeons and periodontists place implants with increased accuracy, top-of-the-line equipment yields superior results. We are passionate about providing the best possible dental care to South Florida, and our offices are committed to providing the latest technology to accomplish that goal. 

Modern dentists need modern tools to help patients achieve optimal oral health. Is your dentist embracing the latest technology to bring you the very best results? If not, give the Dental Care Group or Dental Care Group Kids a call. We would be honored to provide you the same excellent care that we have been providing to thousands of patients in South Florida for many years.