Modernize Your Dental Practice to Maximize Outcomes

Modernize Your Dental Practice - Dr. Rick Mars - Modern Dental Practice

When it comes to choosing a dentist, today’s patients have a lot of options. What makes them choose your practice? It’s important to periodically modernize your dental practice to keep patients happy. But what does that really mean? Let’s take a look at how you can update your practice to give patients the best possible experience.

What They See. You know that pile of stuff in your house that you can walk past without seeing? You can go for weeks without thinking twice about it. Whereas, someone visiting for the first time is more likely to notice these areas of relative clutter. 

The same thing can happen with your dental practice. Because you’re there every day, you don’t notice details that patients might. While your office may seem comfortable and clean in your eyes, those walking through the door for the first time might see something else. Try to imagine seeing these spaces for the first time. What areas do you notice that need to be modernized?

Comfort While Waiting. Now that you’ve looked at your practice with fresh eyes, let’s assess the amount of comfort you provide for your customers. Your reception area, while not the most medically important area, is where patients begin to form their impression of your business. 

A modern reception area focuses on attention to detail. This area should always be clean, tidy, and free of trash (such as items other patients have left behind). Look for the little things, such as burnt out light bulbs, blemishes on the walls, ceiling, or floor, or dusty corners and surfaces. 

If your patients must wait to be seen, make sure they can enjoy themselves. A dedicated wifi network and interesting, up-to-date reading material are musts. Provide ample comfortable seating that doesn’t look dirty or worn out, and revamp your decor every few years to keep things fresh.

Invest Wisely. Even a perfect reception area won’t help if your treatment options are out of date. Dentists are always being sold the latest equipment. But you can’t buy all the newest technology without going under. 

When considering a new piece of technology for your practice, ask yourself a few vital questions. 

  • Will this solve a problem my patients currently have? If new technology doesn’t add value for many of your patients, it might not be worth the money. 
  • Does this piece of equipment have the potential to save you money? New equipment can sometimes become obsolete before it’s paid for itself. 
  • Is it practical to have this in the office (space, function, etc.)? If the equipment isn’t practical to keep in the office or very few patients have a need for it, it’s a good idea to pass. 

Patients are looking for superior care and service. If tech adds to that, then great! But remember, outstanding dental care starts with you and your team. 

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