The Importance of Assessing Your Dental Practice

assessing your dental practice - Dr. Rick Mars

Self-reflection is essential for those trying to improve themselves. The same can be said for your dental practice. Assessing how your practice is doing is vital. If you coast along without reflection, you will miss countless opportunities to give your patients and staff a better experience.  In this article, I’ll discuss ways to accurately assess […]

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From Dental Impressions To First Impressions – How Is Your Dental Practice Stacking Up To The Competition?

Dental Business - How Does Your Practice Measure Up to the Competition?

Most communities have more dental practices than ever before. Between corporate dental chains and other private practices, the competition is fierce. Patients have endless options, so why should they choose you to take care of their teeth? In my over 30 years as a dentist, I’ve learned a few things that will bring new patients […]

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