Why Continued Education Is Vital For A Successful Dental Practice

The Importance of Continued Education in Dentistry

Live or virtually, school is back in session, and that means it’s time to learn! For children and young adults, we as a society prioritize the importance of education. But once you’ve entered the workforce, active learning is often put on the back burner and this could be the most overlooked problem with your dental practice. 

I’ve worked as a dentist for over three decades, and I’ve found that education and communication are the keys to continual improvement. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of prioritizing these at your dental practice. 

Patients First. You’ve probably heard me say this before﹘ in fact, I hope you have! Everything we do at my dental practice is part of creating a better experience for those that we serve. Incorporating continued education for both doctors and staff members is no different. We learn so that our patients can reap the benefits. 

Dentistry is a people-focused industry. Without satisfied patients, it’s impossible for a dental practice to be successful. Whether it’s learning how to integrate a new piece of technology to improve patient outcomes or refreshing staff on best customer service techniques, the end goal is a better overall care experience for our patients.

Keep an Open Mind. Progress can’t exist without the willingness to learn and change. I believe that collective communication and continued education foster collaboration and flexibility. If each member of your team is constantly being exposed to new and possibly better ways of doing things, everyone benefits. Both education and communication are crucial for your dental practice to grow and thrive. Without these, your business will inevitably stagnate. 

Learning Together. Absorbing new information is more fun and effective when done as a team. Once a quarter, my staff and I dedicate a day to education. We close our doors to the public and invite experts in to share the latest techniques in our field. Whether it’s an innovative scheduling system or the latest best practices in dental hygiene, we all come together to improve the services we are proud to provide. 

Promote Growth. Education is inherently a form of progress. When you ask your team to continuously learn, you’re showing them that you are invested in their growth. People perform best when they feel both valued and challenged in their occupation. By providing continued educational opportunities, you can show your staff that you believe in their ability to improve (even if the work they currently do is excellent!). 

A Two-Way Street. Good leaders ask for and expect improvement from those they lead but must also be open to the same coming from their team. Encourage your staff to take note of what could use improvement or revision and bring their concerns to you. By utilizing the collective mind of your practice, you will gain invaluable perspective and new ideas that you may have never come up with on your own. 

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