The Importance of Assessing Your Dental Practice

assessing your dental practice - Dr. Rick Mars

Self-reflection is essential for those trying to improve themselves. The same can be said for your dental practice. Assessing how your practice is doing is vital. If you coast along without reflection, you will miss countless opportunities to give your patients and staff a better experience.  In this article, I’ll discuss ways to accurately assess […]

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Transparent Dentistry

Transparent Dentistry - Dr. Rick Mars

At the root of many relationship issues is a lack of effective communication. Your relationship with your dentist is not immune to this problem. I’m a firm believer in transparent dentistry. The more honest communication there is between patient and dentist, the stronger their partnership will be, resulting in mutual trust and a lifetime of […]

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Delaying Dental Treatment: You Can Pay Now or Pay for It Later

Your teeth, if cared for properly, can stay healthy and functional for a lifetime. The value of good oral health can’t be exaggerated. In addition to helping you eat and speak without issue, a healthy smile promotes overall well-being. Poor oral health has been linked to serious conditions, including heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections, and […]

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